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Getting accepted into college is exciting and opens doors to many opportunities, however when the financial reality hits then it starts to get a bit tricky. You will need to start figuring out how to pay for tuition, fees, books, bed and boar and other expenses.

Scholarships are always great, but not everyone is awarded one and also scholarships don’t generally cover every expense. This means that getting some federal financial aid is the best way to go.

Federal student aid is often determined by need and going through all the rules and regulations is actually worthwhile even for students that come from relatively well-off families.

Unsubsidized loans can be a good deal for students that don’t qualify as needy.

Federal student aid comes in three forms those being:

  • Grants – This is money that is given to students for study at an approved school. Grants do not have to be repaid.
  • Federal Work-Study – This program helps students to earn money for their education by working part time jobs. These jobs can be at the school, in the community, public agencies and in nonprofits.
  • Federal Student Loans – a federal student loan does need to be repaid with interest like other loans.
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